Tea ~ Medicinal Herbals

We have 4 amazingly potent medicinal herbal loose leaf teas !!!


  1. Ojibwa “Essiac Blend”  Tea (Google its miraculous health benefits) – Essiac tea, or Ojibwa tea, is rooted in Native American medicine, specifically from the Canadian Ojibwe tribe. A potent Shamanic blend of Herbs, Essiac tea originated in the early 1920s when a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse (essiac is Caisse spelled backwards) received the recipe from a patient who acquired the recipe from an Ojibwe medicine man. Back when the diagnosis of cancer was a sure death sentence, Rene Caisse used this Ojibwa Tea to cure her aunt’s cancer of the liver and stomach. Many other patients recovered and even among the worst cases, the tea improved their conditions enough to ease their pain and allow them to live several months longer than doctors expected. Rene went on to open a clinic where she treated people (with positive results) for whatever they could afford to pay. Nurse Caisse passed away in 1978 but her Essiac tea recipe has become one of the most widely used forms of alternative medicine in the treatment of various health conditions. ~ Contains Organic Burdock Root (Arctium Lappa), Sheep Sorrel powder (Rumex Acetosella), Slippery Elm bark  powder (Ulmus Fulva) and Turkey Rhubarb root powder (Rheum Palmatum).

  2. Immunity Boost Herbal Tea – For optimum health, the body should experience a grounded, relaxed Mind,
    Body & Spirit. In today’s world…toxic chemicals, worry and way-too busy  lives cause excess stress to our wholeness which then compromises our immune  systems. This comforting and strengthening infusion is carefully blended to offer subtle but strong support to our immune systems. ~ Contains Organic Nettle leaf, Echinacea, Chaparrel, Red Clover blossoms, Elder  berries, Alfalfa leaf, Red Clover herb, St. John’s Wort, Sage and Ginger root.

  3. Women’s Moon Ease Herbal Tea – An indispensable and soothing infusion blend of herbs designed to ease women through their uncomfortable time of the Moon.
    Warming and effective, this harmonious blend with a hint of mint is sure to bring a comfort to your body during the most challenging days of the Moon Cycle. ~ Contains Organic Spearmint leaf, Cramp Bark, Lavender flowers,Vitex berries, Skullcap, Marshmallow root, Passionflower, Nettle leaf and Ginger root.

  4. Dragonfly Sleep Ease Herbal Tea – For optimum health, the body should experience a balance between Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep, with 8 hours of sleep
    necessary, especially between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am. In modern society… stress, worry and busy lives seem to get in the way of this balance. Now you can
    relax with some of this full-flavored herbal infusion blend at the end of a hectic day to ease you right into a night of restful, tranquil sleep. ~ Contains Organic  Lemon Balm, Egyptian Chamomile, Hibiscus flowers, Skullcap, Passionflower, Hops flowers, Valerian root, and Lavender flowers.