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Fragrance vs. Essential Oils

There are significant differences between synthetic fragrance oils and pure essential oils. Essential Oils come totally from Nature whereas Fragrance Oils are synthetically produced by combining chemicals to duplicate the scent of not only essential oils, but also certain fruits and vegetables and perfumes that cannot be extracted into an essential oil. Fragrance Oils can cause allergic reactions and severe headaches to many sensitive people and animals. Some of the chemicals found in Fragrance Oils are also known carcinogens.

Essential Oils work by attaching themselves to toxins, free-radicals, cell debris, heavy metals, renegade cells, fungi, bacteria, viruses or other debris and taking them to the exits for disposal. The human body takes the most vital properties of essential oils and uses them to bring itself into balance and is left in a healthier state without side effects. Many scientists believe that essential oils stimulate the body’s own natural defense systems.

Although synthetic fragrance oils are sometimes 10 times cheaper than pure essential oils and may try to duplicate the smell of the pure botanical, the complex chemical components of each essential oil created in nature are what determines its true benefits. To read more about the dangers of synthetic fragrance oils, CLICK HERE.

Synthetic fragrance oils will NOT have any medicinal properties and are NOT suitable for aromatherapy.