Natural Toothpaste

(for everyone wanting to clean and whiten their teeth while avoiding the dangerous, carcinogenic chemicals such as Triclosan & Flouride)

½ tsp. Baking Soda

½ tsp. fine Sea Salt

1 drop of food-grade Fennel, Peppermint or Sweet Orange 100% essential oil (optional)

A few drops of Distilled Water


Combine ingredients in a small bowl and mix until a smooth, thick paste develops. Dip toothbrush into paste and brush as usual. Rinse thoroughly.

For an EXTRA whitening boost:  Crush one medium-sized strawberry (preferably organic, guessing that the rest will get eaten) into a pulp and after brushing with the toothpaste mixture above, dip the toothbrush into the strawberry pulp and brush daily as normal. Rinse thoroughly… WOW!!!