Cucumber Tonic

(for all skin types ~ especially soothing for irritated, itchy, inflamed, dehydrated or sunburned skin)

1 Cucumber (preferably organic)

2 Tbsp. Distilled Water


Peel the cucumber, remove the seeds and cut into cubes. (Save the 2 end pieces if you plan on applying a facial mask before using this tonic*) Place pieces of cucumber in a blender with the distilled water. Blend or pulse until a thick, juicy pulp develops. Transfer the pulp into a fine strainer or cheesecloth and catch the juice in a bowl. Pour the cucumber juice into a glass jar and refrigerate (only good for up to 3 days).

After cleansing, apply Cucumber Tonic with a 100% cotton ball or keep in a mini spray bottle and mist face. Avoid getting the tonic into the eyes.

Moisturize with one of our incredibly hydrating Facial Creams.

*If applying a facial mask after cleansing but before using this tonic, you can cut thin slices from the cucumber end pieces to place over CLOSED eyelids while the mask dries… AMAZING !!!