“Power of Intention” Kits

Never underestimate the Healing Power of Intention !!!

IMAG0645Each “Power of Intention” Kit includes one of our Reiki-Charged Candles, a Spiritual Cleansing Soap Bar, a Metal Intention Charm, White Sage, Colored Paper (for writing your intention), and a Shamanically-chosen Healing Crystal.IMAG0652INSTRUCTIONS:  Safely light and burn the white sage in an ash tray as you meditate on your positive intention. This clears the air and your mind. Then, carefully write your positive intention on a piece of colored paper in as much detail as needed… praying to your God, Spirit-Guides, Angels, etc. Fold the paper in quarters and then place it under the candle. Place the paper and the candle onto a heat-safe saucer and light the candle, holding the positive intention in your mind. Keep candle lit 3 hours a day… Burn it every day. Bath or shower with the soap bar, keeping your positive intention in mind the entire time. Place the Intention Charm in a place where you will see it often, like on your kitchen or bathroom counter, bedroom dresser or car dashboard. Carry the Reiki-charged crystal stone in your pocket or in your purse. Let go and let the Power of the Universe empower your Positive Intention… THE MAGIC WILL AMAZE YOU !!!

We have Spiritually created 5 “Power of Intention” kits for : Health, Protection, Money, Love & Psychic Power…