Bug Spray

Our Herbal Bug Repellent Spray, “BUG BE GONE”, is a safe and natural alternative to harsh chemical bug repellents and IT REALLY WORKS! ! ! Our potent formula uses 10 different essential oils (not just 2 or 3 like others out there) plus Jojoba Oil for all-around body protection against pesky bugs such as flies, gnats, mosquitoes, no-see-ums and even ticks…


“I’ve lived in The Sunshine state for most of my 52 years.  Florida is not only renowned for it’s ample sunshine, beautiful beaches, and wild swamps, however.  If you’ve spent enough time outdoors in our beautiful state, you will have heard many people, including myself, refer to the Florida State bird as being the Mosquito.  We are only half kidding.  Our mosquitoes defy most repellents and are extremely aggressive. Since living on a lake in Melrose, Florida, we’ve used every commercial bug repellent on the market, without much satisfaction.  But, Bug-Be-Gone, made by The Dragonfly Farm, is literally worth it’s weight in gold!

In addition to being made with all natural herbal ingredients, this stuff REALLY works!  We now enjoy evening fishing and long wilderness hikes without the misery of being “eaten alive” by flying insects (including horseflies!) and ticks.  It is a most welcome relief.  But, it gets better! Our 9-year-old daughter who’has suffered with a skin condition (eczema) all her life, has also received an additional benefit; the condition of her skin has improved dramatically and no more itching!  I can only attribute this to the exceptional artisan work and remarkable oils and herbs that go into this natural insect repellent.  We will never be without Bug-Be-Gone again!

With Great Gratitude,     VR-Gardener      Melrose, Fl.”