Nature gives us everything we need, not only to survive, but to be healthy inside and out. We know that what goes on your body also goes INTO your body, whether it’s body products, cleaning products or clothing. Our mission and purpose is to create and offer pure and natural products that simply nurture your body, mind and soul.

It all began in Wisconsin back in the 60’s when my dad would take me fishing on the lake and we were always surrounded by colorful dragonflies. Back then, we didn’t use many chemicals because basically, we didn’t have the money to buy commercial products. I still remember my dad making his own dishwashing liquid and window cleaner. My parents had a huge organic garden in the back yard and raised rabbits for food. As I grew up and raised children of my own, I naturally continued the organic way of life I was already accustomed to. Dragonflies symbolize “transition” and “change”, but for me, the Dragonfly symbolizes consistency in nature … everywhere I’ve lived, no matter what “transitions” occurred in my life over the years, Dragonflies have always been around me and still are… in Virginia where we started our business and now in Florida on our organic little farm.

We still make our own window cleaner and you can find this simple recipe and many others on our RECIPES section of our web site. Other natural products which are not quite as easy to make are what we offer here, made with care and love on our farm. We use all of our own products and even use some of the healing oils and salves on our dogs and horses with amazing results. All of our products contain NO dangerous chemicals, dyes or parabens.

Our products started being sold locally only to friends but “word of mouth” has quickly caught on. Our products are now being sold in local retail stores, farmer’s markets, craft fairs and online.

Since we are always trying to improve our products, this will always be a “work in progress”, so please check back with us often and subscribe to our blog for updates and new products. We appreciate your continued support and for shopping locally in the U.S.A !!!