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Breast Cancer and Deodorants/Antiperspirants

Think about it for a minute …. every day people take a bath or shower and then apply a commercial deodorant and/or antiperspirant to their clean, open-pored armpits. What do these products do? They clog the pores so that you don’t perspire for a while. So where do the toxins go that are supposed to be released from the armpits? They go back into the body… and absorb right into the lymph nodes that surround the breast area. What do these products contain? They contain chemicals… mostly dangerous, carcinogenic chemicals. Ok, so now you are putting these chemicals right where your lymph nodes are, along with the toxins from the rest of your body that were supposed to be excreted out from our nature-designed armpits, but are now clogged up. And what is one of the leading causes of death in women? Breast Cancer !!!

Is using a natural mineral salt deodorant stone or any other natural body product going to stop you from getting cancer? Not exactly …. it takes a whole lot more to protect your body from disease.  Start getting back to Basics, the way things were in “the old days” (our ancestors were a lot healthier and still are today)!!! Eat healthy organic “real” food, get a good 8 hours of sleep and do some form of exercise daily to stimulate cells. Build up your immune system, exercise those internal organs, and detox those toxins that are leaching out through your pores. We can no longer avoid ALL the chemicals this modern world is throwing at us on a daily basis, but by minimizing the ones we CAN control, it may minimize the chances of dying early from a man-made disease !!!

For more important information about ingredients to avoid in deodorants and antiperspirants, CLICK HERE

Please Note:  More often than not, when people switch to using a natural mineral salt deodorant stone or other natural deodorant, at first they do not think it works because they have an odor coming from their armpits… be patient as your body does what it was naturally designed to do… release those smelly toxins (which could take a few days)!!! Once those toxins are allowed to get out, your lymph nodes and skin (your body’s largest organ) can begin to breathe again. For an added bonus to your body, you can dab a drop or two of your favorite 100% Pure Essential Oil to your armpit area after applying the natural deodorant salt. Your armpits will smell naturally pleasant AND you get the therapeutic benefits of the plant-based essential oil.