The Dragonfly Farm was established in the foothills of Virginia in 2011 but the idea started in North Carolina when a horse escaped its owner’s back yard and showed up in our driveway. For almost a year, I went over to feed and water and give love and treats to a very neglected and abused horse named Lil Boy. When we moved to Virginia to find greener pastures and build our homestead, we started taking in neglected and unwanted farm animals in honor of Lil Boy, the one we could not save (see our surprise below).

After growing, studying and experimenting with herbs and pure essential oils since the early 1980’s, we were ready to start making and selling our own Natural and Organic Bath & Body Products to help support our Animal Sanctuary…   

Our products are made with the same love, care and compassion we give to our animals. We hope you enjoy all that The Dragonfly Farm has to offer… Thank You !!!

In February 2014, we got a call from the owner of Lil Boy in North Carolina, asking us to come down and get Lil Boy and bring him to the Dragonfly Farm Animal Sanctuary. Prayers do get answered, even if it takes 4 years !!!

You can keep up with Lil Boy’s progress and our other happy farm animals on our Facebook page : Dragonfly Farm Animal Sanctuary